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White Tiger secured 40 pieces of coverage regarding the benefits of European train travel across main titles such as Daily Mirror, The Sun, Mail Online, Metro, Country & Town House, Manchester Evening News, Women's Weekly, Prima and more regional titles via Press Association


Case Study: Flying isn't always the fastest option

What did we do: Analysed 25 top used routes in Europe that are faster by train than plane.


Rationale: To showcase the breadth of the OMIO client product [planes, trains, boats, and buses] White Tiger PR created an initiative which would compel travellers to consider alternative routes by offering smart alternatives that were both unexpectedly quicker and better for the planet recognising the arguments for environmentally sustainable travel solutions.

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About OMIO

Europe's leading booking app for easy access to the best routes via buses, trains, and aeroplanes rebranded as OMIO in 2019 as a result of a merger between two date platforms. White Tiger's brief was to raise brand awareness to create demand for downloading app and promote addition of ferry services to available travel options.


White Tiger promoted the plane vs train discussion in the national travel press highlighting convenience,   

speed and eco friendly travel options available via the OMIO app. 

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Crisis travel 

The profile coverage continued into 2020 when White Tiger reacted promptly to the impact of the global COVID-19 lockdown, positioning OMIO as the ideal option for travellers stuck abroad as flights were grounded leaving them seeking alternative means of travel home. 

This tactic gained immediate traction and featured exclusively in the Daily Express, Sunday Mirror, Daily Star, The Argus, Daily Mirror, and other regional media, adding considerable value to the press visibility already created as a result of our planned awareness strategy. 

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