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Virgin Hotels Chicago Opening

Playing Hooky with Branson

Sir Richard Branson is no slouch when it comes to attention grabbing activities, so when White Tiger were asked to launch the inaugural Virgin Hotel in Chicago we knew we had to do something special. Cue a media stunt that saw Branson dancing through the streets of Chicago on a Ferris Bueller style float.


About Virgin Hotels

Virgin Hotels was launched to wake up the world with smarter alternatives for travellers. For years many hotels have provided services and facilities that are tired and lack excitement, customers were being nickel and dimed and the most basic comforts were being ignored. But that has all changed now.

White Tiger spent the months leading up to the launch priming all high profile titles, negotiating exclusive opportunities and coordinating a VIP media visit with Branson in attendance.  Our strategy resulted in 73 UK features within a month of opening across the full spectrum of sectors; travel, luxury, lifestyle and news. Every national newspaper in the UK covered the story including the Financial Times, Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Daily Telegraph and The Metro.

This initiative from the Virgin brand family is here to wake up the hotel industry and bring back the fun. Virgin Hotels have re-imagined not only what a hotel can look like, but what it can do. Combined with their complete dedication to the consumer, Virgin Hotels are creating a new standard in hospitality and service. There are three hotel locations: Chicago (opened January 2015), Nashville (slated for 2018) and New York (2019), with sites identified for Dallas and Palm Springs.

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